The Lone Travellers- Real Life Story

It was time for landing and I literally was going crazy. All my fun time was going to end and no more junk food. It was early in the morning that we left for the airport. I was very excited as I was going to the US.We got on the plane and settled into our seats. The plane would be taking off in a few minutes so I talked to my grandparents to see how they were doing. I asked them about my dog Sofie. Afterwards, my parents and I were discussing the various activities I would be doing in the aviation camp. Suddenly the pilots called me into their cabin as they overheard me talking about aviation challenges that I will be doing. They explained everything about the cockpit. They sent me back to my seat as the plane was taking off. I strapped on my seatbelt still in awe. Oddly, the plane smelled like insecticide.

After the plane took off, I started watching some movies on the Entertainment Screen instead of sleeping like my parents . After watching movies for a really long time I felt hungry so I ordered some Hong Kong Milk Tea which was sweet and milky. I felt bored again so I started listening to music by some of my favourite artists. After listening to multiple playlists my dad ordered caramel popcorn and salted caramel chocolate which was delicious. After eating I decided to take a nap as everything was starting to become colder as it was in the middle of the night. After waking up everything around me was cold and there was numbness in all parts of my body. After using the restroom, I saw my mom was talking to some of the flight steward about their journey in the plane. It is very difficult.

The rest of the way I was watching my favourite T.V shows. Before landing, I realised people were staring at me because I had a toy tiger whose height was a little more than my hip. Somehow during this trip there was a buzzing noise which got me irritated. We landed I felt more excitement bubbled up as we were in the US other than that I was sad all the fun that happened in the plane will never be retrieved.

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