Many people have done crazy things to their mouth.

There is a young boy who can fit an entire baseball in his mouth. I was shocked and confused about how his mouth opens up so wide. I found that your jaw is controlled by a ball and socket, similar to your shoulder. When you open your mouth the jaw opens as well, but in this case the boy’s ball and socket has gone further back thus letting him open his mouth wider.

Youtube: Guinness World Records- This is the boy who can fit a baseball in his mouth.

Many people have “pierced” their teeth. To pierce your teeth, they have to drill a hole that would…

I’ve heard and seen people that have anxiety attacks or even come to a point where it is depression. Why do people come to that state? What should we do to prevent it from happening to us? Reasons why it can be dangerous to the point where you can kill yourself? These are many questions that I wanted to know answers to personally.


Anxiety is the worry, nervousness, or unease about something. By understanding this definition you may think everyone has anxiety and yes, we all do have anxiety which can be dangerous when it comes to a certain…

My thoughts on opening school later this year is that the school will be fully sanitized and will prevent students and teachers from falling sick. The schools might find it hard to place students at a distance of five feet apart as the classrooms are small and will not have sufficient space. According to a study by UNESCO, people under the age of 18 have a lower risk than adults of getting infected by COVID 19. If the teachers catch the virus there is a strong possibility that it will transfer to the students. Continuous monitoring of the teachers must…

It was time for landing and I literally was going crazy. All my fun time was going to end and no more junk food. It was early in the morning that we left for the airport. I was very excited as I was going to the US.We got on the plane and settled into our seats. The plane would be taking off in a few minutes so I talked to my grandparents to see how they were doing. I asked them about my dog Sofie. Afterwards, my parents and I were discussing the various activities I would be doing in…

Natural Instinct

Natural instincts come when young children are exposed to the world. They understand how the real-world functions through their own life. They learn by being mindful of their surroundings. One must be in a healthy society to learn how to love your own country or others.

“Patriotism is about giving love towards everything.” People are exposed and learn on their own, what they want to love, when they grow up. Humans in some remote places are taught to hate their own country as they are not given enough resources by the government to be able to live. …

Freedom from disruption and inconvenience is peace. Peace is needed everywhere but, one place where peace is really needed is in our community. You may wonder, why community?

To build peace you need to have good communication amongst members of the community. People living in communities do not interact, and cannot relate to people from other backgrounds and have no respect for others. We need to eliminate these negative factors and achieve peace.

There are many ways to promote peace but how can we do it? “Treat others the way you want to be treated” is a famous quote, but…

Wayna Picchu

Hey ya’ll! I’m the podcast host of Tween To Teen. Over the past year I’ve written many articles and stories. I am so excited to share it with you! :)

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